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Digital Poetry Holiday Gifts

18 Dec

In a previous post I wrote about making visual poems with Piclits.com. Below is my latest.

I’ve been trying to master it and create a few more poems before the new year. I plan to use it with my workshops. I made this one with my Asus tablet,  and I imagine some students might prefer to use their phones. Since we have ipads in the office for kids and i have my own set of Android tablets for classroom  residencies I got even  more excited with the possibilities!

Earlier in the month one of our students led a Meme workshop for our first “flipped” classroom. I included two examples of some of the finished products.

It was very fun and watching and listening to him take pride in directing the class was priceless.


During my digital storytelling course i have used, played with, and explored quite a number of tools for telling stories and writing poems. On my Asus tablet I have about 9 apps devoted to poetry,some of them are for reading, like the Poetry Foundation app I mentioned in an earlier post, but I alo have Apps for Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, and Shakespeare poems.  Poetry player which has a collection of poems read by the poets, and Best Poems, All Poems, and  Famous poems, these along with the Poetry Foundation, my favorite one for reading, allows me to search and research many well known bioengineering and poets around the globe.

But wait there’s more! I have Banana Poetry which is an app for poetry prompts,which is very , very cool when your a little stuck. Daily Haiku, which treats you to a new haiku a day and Haiku for You which helps you create your own haiku. And instant poetry which dies just that you can write or pick instant poetry to read.

Yesterday I found three more interesting apps for helping kids and teens write their own poetry.
Refrigerator Poems ,which is a virtual magnetic poetry refrigerator kit. I think kids will really enjoy this. I took a screenshot with my tablet to share it with you.but you can email it and print them out just like piclits.

The last two I found are from readwritethink.org one is Diamante poems, named a o because the format is diamond shaped you follow the prompts and create the poem, also you can save the image to your photo gallery,or email it for printing

The last is Acrostic Poem, which is often used with early learners teaching them to be creative with their names.This version allows you to useany word to start your poem,I chose Justice.

All of tbese apps are free on GooglePlay store except for the meme app, thats a io app only available at the itunes store for ipads and iphones. Piclits.com is available to anyone with access to a browser.
So enjoy and go out there and make some visual and Digital poetry and stories!
Happy Holidays!!